Statement in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada Celebrates 100th Anniversary
Lisa Lambert, MLA for Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood
Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan

“Thank you, Mr. Speaker. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada. Mr. Speaker, Saskatoon was the birthplace of this church in July of 1918. And it was an honour to attend and bring greetings to an anniversary celebration in Saskatoon, as well as reflect on the Ukrainian population here in Saskatchewan.
More than 136,000 Saskatchewan people trace all or part of their ancestry to Ukraine. In fact the first wave of Ukrainian immigration to this part of our world actually predates our province. This is a strong reminder of our earliest days in which newcomers arrived here in search of a better life.
Mr. Speaker, the individuals who chose Saskatchewan as their new home worked hard, sacrificed, and could count on their neighbours in times of need. That is what our province is known for. Even today Ukraine remains one of the top sources of immigration to this province.
Mr. Speaker, for 100 years the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has been a constant, enduring symbol of gratitude and service. In attendance was His Eminence, Metropolitan Yurij, as well as Reverend Fr. Taras Udod, and I thank them for their service to the church. I’d also like to thank the organizers of the anniversary gala banquet and concert for the enjoyable evening.
Mr. Speaker, I now ask that all members please join me in congratulating the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada on 100 years. Thank you.”