St. Andrew Eparchial Centenary Award

The St. Andrew Eparchial Centenary Award is a prestigious one time recognition of excellence, achievement and contributions at an Eparchial level to the spiritual and community life of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. The Award recognizes individuals, Parishes and/or institutions that have made their mark in such areas as following:

  • Spiritual leadership
  • Development of community through individual contributions at an Eparchial and local level that have provided an exemplary inspiration to a given Eparchy or local Parish
  • Fostering of a local visionary legacy
  • Creation of legal and organizational foundation
  • Philanthropy
  • Worship life of Church through music, architecture, iconographic beautification

At the Eparchial level examples of leadership could include exemplary service on Eparchial councils, special project initiatives, summer camp development, choir development, local parish projects with a regional significance. 

The Award will recognize both current and posthumous contributions. Up to one hundred Eparchial Centenary awards can be made.

Nominations can come from Parishes, organized entities of the UOCC (e.g. St. Andrew’s College) and/or from individuals (minimum of two nominators is required one of whom should be a member of the UOCC). The selection of successful recipients of the St. Andrew Eparchial Centenary Award will be made by an Eparchial Adjudication panel.

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